Camper and Staff Housing Policy

Last Updated: November 2023

Policy Intent

This policy intends to inform the Camp Quest Michigan parents and staff what to expect regarding how the camper or staff member will be provided with housing while at Camp Quest Michigan.

Cabin Information

Most cabins at Camp Quest Michigan have a capacity of 11. Cabins will strictly follow this capacity limit even if there are more beds available. There will be at least 2 staff members assigned to each cabin. Each cabin is equipped with a fire extinguisher, broom, dust pan, and box fan. There are no designated changing areas in the cabin. Campers and staff must use the designated areas in the bathhouses for changing clothes.

Cabin Visitors

Campers, staff, and guests are not permitted in cabins not assigned to them except for the following reasons:

  • In an emergency situation.
  • A staff member is supervising the campers.
  • A staff member is inspecting cabins for cleanliness.
  • A CIT is supervising the campers during the cabin cleanup period.
  • A camp guest is inspecting cabins while being escorted by the camp director.

Camper Housing

Campers will be assigned a cabin before arriving at camp. All cabins are gender-inclusive. Cabin assignments are made based on age. Requests for friends or siblings to share the same cabin may be made by emailing the camp director, whose information is provided upon registration.

Staff Housing

Staff will be assigned a cabin before arriving at camp and will have an opportunity to connect with their co-counselor(s) before campers arrive. In the rare event that a cabin is assigned to campers of all the same gender, staff of the same gender will be assigned to that cabin.